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I'm Ebiere Bolu, a UK Qualified Teacher of A level Economics and Parenting Coach with 16 years experience teaching in high achieving independent schools in the UK. I am fondly known of as the Child Whisperer (which makes me chuckle), because of my ability to quickly assess and understand what's behind a child's behaviour and create steps to help them return to their calm, happy and creative selves.

Ebiere Bolu, MA Educational Leadership and Management (with Distinction)

Owner of Learntree Ltd 


Why I Love Coaching Parents






With two boys of my own and my experience teaching children aged 4-18, I know what it feels like to have a child be so far from their full potential both emotionally and academically, and the frustration of feeling powerless to help them.

Over the years, through my professional experience and detailed study of psychology, neuroscience and educational theory, I have mastered the art of how to teach children to develop character strengths and manage their emotions so that they are ready to take on the challenge of learning, thus equipping them with the tools to thrive inside and outside the classroom.

But, the REAL MAGIC happens when YOU, the parent are empowered with the tools to build a strong relationship with your child on the foundation of mutual respect and love! I help you uncover what's really behind your child's behaviour and equip you with proven strategies to respond appropriately!

With your good intentions for your child and my expertise, we will make an awesome team!

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