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East Sussex, UK


for overwhelmed parents dealing with power struggles, melt downs, aggression, conflicting parenting styles and sibling rivalry.

I help you reduce household tension, improve your child's behaviour and foster positive relationships between siblings, parents, and children.


Are you frustrated and feeling like a failure? 

Finding your child's behaviour challenging?

Is sibling rivalry wearing you down?
Are conflicting parenting styles a source of tension?




Behaviours that Challenge (e.g. defiance, tantrums, hitting, biting, not listening etc)


Regulating your Emotions & your child's emotions


Conflicting Parenting Styles (with spouse or co-parent)


Sibling Conflict


Screen Overuse
Homework Struggles

A teacher is sitting on the floor with two preschool children - they are playing with colo

At Raising Your Child On Purpose, I offer personalised coaching sessions tailored to your individual parenting needs. With practical tips and strategies, I can help you navigate the ups and downs of parenthood with confidence. 

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At Raising Your Child On Purpose we offer a variety of empowering resources for parents, including online courses and a helpful parenting workbook. We believe that confident and responsible children are raised with purposeful parenting.

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''Ebiere is a wonderful coach and helped me understand so much more about myself as an individual and a parent. The online content you can consume in your own time as well as her sessions work perfectly together and Ebiere has a wealth of knowledge that anyone can benefit from. I'm so pleased to have come across Ebiere and the wonderful work she does.''
Taking Notes


Book a Free Call and gain a fresh perspective on what's behind your child's behaviour. 


Receive a plan of how we will work together to transform your family life plus my 5 Skills Guide to Parenting Success.


Transform your family life in just 3 months with calmer kids, unified parenting styles, less tension in the home & a stronger bond

Parenting is Hard Enough as it is!
You Don't Have to Do It Alone!

Parenting is hard! It comes with a unique set of challenges that can test even the most patient individuals. Common struggles include dealing with tantrums, managing sibling rivalry, conflicting parenting styles and balancing work and family life. Many parents also grapple with feelings of guilt and doubt, wondering if they’re making the right decisions for their child’s well-being. The pressure to meet societal expectations, coupled with the lack of a one-size-fits-all manual for raising children, can make the journey overwhelming. These struggles can lead to stress and frustration, making it difficult to maintain a positive and nurturing environment at home.


Book your free call today and let's get started creating the family life you desire!

Imagine how peaceful and rewarding your parenting journey would be when you work with a Trusted Coach. 

5 Key Skills for Parenting Success.png

Through my experience as a parenting coach, teacher, and parent, I've identified 5 Key Skills for navigating parenting challenges.

These skills form the foundation of successful parenting and I've used these skills to help parents: 

Navigate power struggles & tantrums; Regulate emotions & meltdowns; Reduce the tension in the home; Eliminate sibling rivalry; Harmonise conflicting parenting styles and more!

Get these Skills Today!​​

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